Timed/Volumetric Under Sink CT1-SL-S


Timed/Volumetric Under Sink CT1-SL-S


  • 5 Liters
  • 8 Liters

Timed/Volumetric substation water softener CT1-SL-S complete with sterilizer resins for self-disinfection.

The primary cause of water hardness is the presence of calcium and magnesium which, having limited solubility, tend to settle.

The first to pay the price are undoubtedly the small and large appliances, home pipes and heating systems.

Because of the deposits formed by the deposit of calcium and magnesium, the pipes, in fact, as well as the faucets, the shower diffusers and in any case every other element crossed by water, risk becoming clogged.

Extremely hard water, if it is hot it can also stain the dishes without remedy, incrust external sanitary ware, and cause other small daily discomforts that concern one’s personal care: washing oneself in this way can make frizzy, dry, difficult to treat allergic skin irritation may occur and the taste of some foods may be altered.

Even the linen and clothes last less, wear out and become felted with a disadvantage from an economic point of view.

In addition, of all the amount of detergent used in normal cleaning operations, at least half will be used to clean water, and only the other half for clothes, floors, furniture, etc.

The softener, retaining the calcium and magnesium salts, can guarantee considerable savings even in very different sectors.

The advantages resulting from the installation of a water softener allow to recover the purchase cost in a short time:

  • great savings in detergent and elimination of anti-scale products
  • elimination of limescale deposits on water supply pipes and electric heating elements (boiler, washing machines, dishwashers) with significant energy savings and maintenance costs
  • crockery, crystals, brilliant ceramics and without spots or opaque veils
  • best quality of cooked food
  • softer and softer hair

Consider also that:

  • electricity consumption is practically nil
  • operation is completely automatic
  • ordinary maintenance is limited to periodic loading of salt in tablets

How a water softener works with a self-disinfection system.

The softener is a device consisting of a container for the resins, a container for the salt (necessary for the periodic regeneration of the resins) and a hydropneumatic valve that carries out the washing cycles necessary to keep the appliance in efficient operation.

Through the exchange that takes place between the sodium ions fixed in the resins and the calcium and magnesium salts and also iron ions, these are retained, thus eliminating the excess hardness.

Each time regeneration is performed, a small amount of chlorine is produced from the salt that goes to disinfect the resins.

Timed valve for time regeneration.

Immediate or delayed regeneration at the set time.

Integrated valve for hardness adjustment in output.

Digital valve with display and display of:

  • current time
  • missed days next regeneration
  • regeneration time