DP1 Dispenser with By-Pass


DP1 Dispenser with By-Pass


  • ½”

This model, in addition to the practicality of the normal version, offers the possibility of a double function: the dispenser by-pass or the total stop of the water.

Compared to the normal and complete use of the dispenser, by simply rotating the valve control butterfly (patented model) the glass can be refilled with the polyphosphate, excluding the flow of water only to the dispenser itself, or totally exclude the flow both at the dispenser and at the serviced appliances.

These possibilities prevent the installation of an additional total shut-off valve and allow the possible repair of the appliance to which it is connected (wall-mounted boiler, water heater, washing machine, etc.).

As for the normal version, this model can also be installed on horizontal, vertical and oblique pipes.

The DP1 Ferrari dispenser complies with the Ministerial Decree n. 443 of 12/21/90 for the treatment of drinking water.