DP1 Dispenser


DP1 Dispenser


  • ½”

Our proportional dosing device has been designed to avoid the costly descaling of resistances in washing machines and tube bundles in modern wall-mounted boilers.

The dosage of the polyphosphates takes place proportionally to the flow of the water supplied by the Venturi system, thus ensuring a constant and precise introduction of the product in compliance with the strict regulations on the use of drinking water.

The micro dosage of PS1 polyphosphates effectively neutralizes the precipitation of calcium and magnesium carbonate up to a temperature of 70 ° C-75 ° C creating a protective film around the metal parts that are in contact with water.

The dosage is about 5 ppm of polyphosphate, or 3 ppm of P2O5 per 1000 liters of water delivered.

The DP1 dispenser complies with the Ministerial Decree n. 443 of 12/21/90 for the treatment of drinking water.